Want to dip your toes into design thinking? Need a bit of inspiration to get started on your own?

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Online Course “Design Thinking 101 for Talent Leaders”

What is design thinking anyway? And how does it get applied to the field of talent and HR? We answer these and more questions in this engaging 45 minute video online course. Make sure to register by using this link so you’ll get two months of free access to the course on Skillshare.

This course was terrific - especially for people interested in practical ideas on how to get started using design thinking in HR.
— Peter D., Strategy & Innovation Leader at Accenture

“Designing for Talent” Slack Community

The goal of this exclusive, virtual peer-to-peer community is to help each other build design thinking competence and confidence and apply it to your organization’s talent challenges.

 Designing for Talent Slack Community
Looking forward to what the community has to offer and how we can learn from each other to bring more joy to the work experience!
— Bridgette M., Global Director Learning and Development at Ford Motor Company

1 Minute Tip Videos - hone your Design thinking skills

Design Thinking for Talent Acquisition Starter Kit

 Design Thinking for Talent Acquisition Starter Kit

Based on research with more than 30 organizations (incl. Amazon, United Airlines, Allstate, Sodexo) we’ve created this kit to get you started on your Design Thinking for Talent Acquisition journey.

What’s included:

  • An overview of how design thinking applies to Talent Acquisition

  • Starter Kit - Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Starter Kit - Candidate Experience Design

  • Resources to assist in overcoming barriers to implementing design thinking

This is tremendous! Great content. I will share with our Talent Acquisition team.
— Mark F., Supply Chain Leader at PepsiCo

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