Why Design Thinking for Talent and HR?

Why not?

Organizations have been using design thinking for product design for a long time. Why haven’t we discovered this sooner for crafting an impactful talent experience?
— Kelley Steven-Waiss, CHRO at HERE Technologies

Managing the Employee experience is becoming as important as managing the customer experience.

These are the reasons why leading organizations have started to adopt design thinking for their talent experience practices:

Visual Notes

21st century talent feels empowered to take charge of their own journey with an organization from the point of considering a company as an employer, a new employee’s first day, to their career development, and even their exit from the company.

We are psyched about design thinking because it works! It is a method used by thousands of organizations since the 90s. And it works especially when applied to experiences.

Watch how one client decreased time to delivery on their new hire experience program.