Careers in the 21st century are more fluid than ever. Expectations from employees for just-in-time, co-created career development are evolving.

What if there was a way to empower your employees with the tools and mindset to design their own career path in this ever shifting environment?

career Management meets design thinking

Our “Design Your Career” workshop addresses the need for organizations to help employees (from recent grads to seasoned professionals) take charge of their own career by building a design thinking mindset. Our two hour workshop can be tailored to any audience and has received rave reviews.

We also offer a “Lead By Design” workshop where we empower leaders to support their employees on their career design journey.

You changed my life. Thank you!
— i.c.stars intern
I used to think I had to find the perfect job. After participating in the “Design Your Career” workshop I now think I can create it.
— Chemical Engineer at Global Chemical Company
I can confidently say this was one of the most powerful workshops I’ve ever experienced.
— Executive Transition Group Participant