We have walked in your shoes – as HR professionals, as leaders, and as employees. Today, we apply design thinking as a method to explore solutions for complex workplace problems.


We are a global community of Human Resources nerds and design thinking geeks. We are talent experience consultants, video and graphic storytellers, design sprint facilitators, and empathy coaches led by our fearless Founder, Nicole Dessain.

And let’s not forget our mascot, Lily the cat…

We earned our design thinking chops at industry leaders IDEO, Google Ventures (“Sprint” method), Northwestern University, IIT’s Institute of Design, Gravitytank, and LUMA Institute.

We are psyched to work with you!

Even though we are pioneers in applying design thinking to the world of work we might not be the right fit for every project. And that’s ok.

Design thinking is trendy and we want to help you find a partner you can trust to guide you on your design thinking for talent journey. We compiled a few questions that you can ask when assessing potential partners:

  • What is your advice for how I can accomplish my objective with design thinking?

  • What is your team’s experience in the design thinking methodology? HR? Business? Consulting?

  • Where did they get trained/certified?

  • How have they honed their skills?

  • How have you applied design thinking to talent and HR topics?

  • Can you share case studies of similar projects?

  • Where can I review client video testimonials?