We aim to inspire the future of work – one story at a time.

Our clients are business and HR leaders who believe that talent is at the core of their company’s business success. Their stories inspire us and we feel privileged to be able to share some of them with you.


Client Story: Designing Hiring Manager Experience

Challenge: This hospitality organization reinvented itself over the past years and needed for its talent practices to become more strategic and innovative.

Approach: We led a Talent Acquisition Strategy maturity analysis and re-design with a focus on collecting Hiring Manager insights and buy-in through design thinking inspired workshops and qualitative interviews.

Outcome: The client received an actionable roadmap for their new Talent Acquisition strategy and through the process renewed their credibility with hiring managers and executives.

“We brought talent.imperative in to help us map out our Talent Acquisition strategy. I was particularly intrigued by their innovative approach around candidate and hiring manager experience mapping. I loved that we collaborated with our internal Innovation Lab for the hiring manager workshop. This was a very powerful way to engage our business leaders with a design-thinking method they were already familiar with. I got a game plan that is actionable and that our key stakeholders were involved in shaping.”

Client Story: Sprinting Through the new hire experience

Challenge: This tech start-up wanted to create a positive first day experience for their scarce tech talent to impact new hire retention.

Approach: We conducted a five day design sprint where we scoped, ideated, storyboarded, prototyped, and tested the new program.

Impact: The total time to implementation of the client’s new program was only eight weeks, significantly lower than typical talent program execution.

Client Story: Quantifying the Value of Talent

Challenge: The U.S. operations of a global insurance provider needed to scale their Recruiting approach due to rapid business growth.

Approach: We led a recruiting maturity analysis and strategy re-design project with focus on process and sourcing optimization. We designed a roadmap and calculated a talent value case projected to result in a $20M benefit over a 4 year time frame.

Impact: The client’s talent value case benefit realization is on target. One example: time-to-fill decreased by 27% resulting in $750,000 first year savings.

“I brought talent.imperative in to help us re-design our Recruiting Strategy. I appreciated the way they outlined a clear, step-by-step approach that heavily drew on data analysis and on gaining early buy-in from the business. They used input from candidates, hiring managers, executives, and the recruiting team to create a road map that is both strategic and actionable. One year later, we have already seen key metrics improvements, especially in time-to-fill.”